Create a safe and comfortable stay for your pigs


Create a safe and comfortable stay for your pigs

Eternit have been manufacturing roofing sheets, designed for UK farmers and our unique climate for over 100 years. Our made semi-compressed sheets are designed to absorb 25% of their weight in moisture, this is more than all imported fibre cement sheets available in the UK today.

Build in sustainability

Build in sustainability

Consumers care more and more about animal welfare. That’s why it’s important you invest in a sustainable building adapted to your pigs’ needs. Give special attention to piglets and pregnant sows, they are more sensitive to climate variations.

When asked for advice in designing pig buildings, we know the overall result needs to be practical and safe, whilst keeping to your budget and specification. This considered, we want your agricultural building to fit in with its surrounding environment.

Make a sound investment

Make a sound investment

Pig buildings need to be able to withstand the aggressive and corrosive environments created by the pigs. Fibre cement is the ideal solution for this as it will not corrode in the ammonia rich environment. Another key benefit is the excellent thermal properties renowned with fibre cement, and will help in the objective of not letting the pigs get too hot or cold in the building.

Building design considerations must go beyond the look, function and flexibility. There are technical and practical aspects to look at which include orientation, ventilation, lighting and wildlife control, all of which, if not done correctly, can have a real long-term cost to a business. We have a technical team that has over 60 years of farming and building experience giving you ‘Peace of Mind’.

Eternit have been creating roof sheets used on pig buildings in UK for decades. We have the experience and heritage to help with your new building.

What insulation do I need?

What insulation do I need?

The environmental control of your building is important to production, especially the temperature. To get the best advice and information, get in touch with our account managers, they’ll be happy to guide you and answer any questions.

full insulation.jpg

Full insulation under purlins

For optimum climate control
This solution makes it possible to control the temperature in the pigsty. Important for gravid sows and piglets.

insulation above purlins.jpg

Full insulation above purlins

Budget-friendly insulation
Pigs raised for meat and sows, unless pregnant, are less sensitive to variations in temperature. In this part of your farm, insulation above the purlins is enough.

suspended ceiling.jpg

False ceiling

Ideal for piglets and gravid sows
A ventilated ceiling prevents cold-air downdraught. The air enters the building and is closely regulated. This provides good circulation of fresh, clean air. The warm air spreads slowly in the pig stable.

Our customers say

Our customers say

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Manor Farm, Sherrifhales, Shropshire


The construction of a new pig unit has enabled Anthony Robinson to build on the early success of his new pig finishing business.

Anthony is pig production manager at Manor Farm in Sherrifhales, Shropshire, where he manages 280 acres of combinable crops as well as nearly 2,000 head of pigs. Pigs are contract reared for Stockcroft Limited in two straw based units, arriving on site as 7kg weaners and taken through to a finish weight of 110kg. The system operates under RSPCA and Red Tractor assurance schemes, as well as being Co-op and Waitrose assured...

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