We are the only UK manufacturer of fibre cement profiled sheeting and pride ourselves on producing high quality, British made products. The properties of fibre cement make it ideal for agricultural buildings thanks to its durability, excellent moisture absorbency and thermal properties.


Our fibre cement profiled sheets have unique qualities to ensure a bright future.

  • Excellent acoustic properties, reducing the stress risk for your animals
  • Durable - rust, rot and corrosion free fibre cement profiled sheets
  • Superior natural ventilation: the natural breathing material minimises condensation and is corrosion free
  • Translucent sheets offer natural daylight where and when you need it
  • Thermal properties – produces a more stable internal environment than steel providing a cool environment in summer and warm in winter.
  • Absorbency – minimising condensation 
  • Extensive colour range – to minimise the buildings visual impact
Our range


Superior systems designed for high performance pig units. Etex understands the challenges that farmers face when planning to invest in a new pig building and what they need to run their business successfully. With this in mind we have a range of roofing systems to help maximise farrowing and growth rates of pigs, improving the return on investment for farmers.

Poultry Building Systems

Progressive systems that create healthy environments for poultry to help maximise growth rates of poultry, improving the return on investment for farmers. 

Arable Building Systems

Trusted systems to protect valuable crops of all types. For farmers, looking after their crops doesn’t end once the harvest season is over. Having appropriate storage facilities is key to keeping grain, straw or produce in the best possible condition. Etex fibre cement profiled sheeting provides farmers with the peace of mind they need.

Dairy and Beef Building Systems

Proven systems to maximise performance & support animal welfare. We have a range of roofing systems to help maximise milk yields and growth rates of dairy and beef cattle, improving the return on investment for farmers. 

Equestrian Building Systems

Creating healthy indoor environments for horses. Whether it be a small sectional stable block, larger American barn or indoor riding arena, Etex has a range of fibre cement profiled sheeting, ventilation systems and GRP roof lights to create the best indoor environment for horses. 

View E-LuminateTM: Perfect for stable roofing

Machinery Building Systems

Etex understands the large investment that farmers make in farm machinery to ensure the most efficient farming processes. With this in mind having a dry, secure building to store farm machinery is essential to keeping it in the best possible condition.

Why not steel?

Compared with steel or sandwich panels, profiled sheets offer many advantages that promote the welfare of your animals.

Reduce the stress in animals by choosing a sound-absorbing product. In case of heavy rainfall, the sound under our profiled sheets sounds up to 2x softer than with a metal roof construction, with or without insulation.

Eternit fibre cement profiled sheets are classified A2 to BS EN 13501-1:2002.

Fibre cement does not rot, does not rust and is insensitive to fungi, bacteria, vermin and chemical influences. An ideal environment for your animals.
Fibre cement is a natural breathable material that minimises condensation and does not give rust formation a chance. Stress in animals due to falling drops of condensate is kept to the absolute minimum.

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