Profiled sheeting

We are the only UK manufacturer of fibre cement semi-compressed profiled sheeting and pride ourselves on producing high quality, British made products. The properties of fibre cement make it ideal for agricultural buildings thanks to its durability, excellent moisture absorbency and thermal properties over metal.


  • Expert knowledge of all agricultural building requirements
  • High absorbency – keeps moisture at bay, minimising the risk of condensation dripping onto valuable machinery
  • Extensive colour range – to minimise the buildings visual impact 
  • Durability – rust and rot resistant against all chemical influences
  • Excellent acoustic and thermal insulation provided by fibre cement sheets
  • Thermal properties – produces a more stable internal environment than steel
  • Superior natural ventilation systems designed to improve animal welfare
Our range

For agriculture

Our fibre cement profiled sheets create the ideal circumstances for you, the well-being of your animals and the quality of your stored goods.
For agriculture

For industry

A durable roof covering for an industrial building or a utility project? Our profiled sheets create the ideal circumstances for both staff and product.
For industry