Gender Pay Gap Report

We believe that having an inclusive and diverse workforce is key to our success in providing us with the opportunities to innovate and make the right decisions through understanding and reflecting the wide range of backgrounds of our customers. In addition, we believe that our ambition also provides an exciting environment that attracts, retains and develops the talent of great people.

As an employer with over 250 employees, we are now required to publish details of any gender pay and bonus gaps, the percentage of our male and female employees who receive a bonus, and the proportions of men and women in each pay quartile of our workforce.

In sharing this information and making it public today, we have based our calculations through use of our established and existing HR and payroll records. Whilst we are not publishing any individual employee data, we would invite an employee if they wish, to confirm and update their records by contacting the HR Department.

We are very pleased to report that both the mean and median difference in hourly rate of pay for male and female is low in relation to the current national average of 17.9%. In addition, the mean and median differences in hourly rate shows a slightly greater level within our female population and 90% of both men and women were in receipt of bonus pay.

We are committed to continuously reviewing and assessing the levels of gender equality in Etex (Exteriors) UK, the balance of male and female employees at the different levels, and how effectively we are maximising and rewarding talent.

Any further details about how we will be continuously reviewing and tackling any gender pay gap can be found by employees through discussing with their manager, participating in focus groups, looking at our company policies and procedure or contacting the HR Department.

We look forward to updating and publishing our findings and results each year, both on our own website and the government website.

I confirm that the gender pay gap information contained in the gender pay gap report dated 4th April 2019 is accurate.


Jayne Arkell

Country Manager

April 2019