EHSQ Policy

Company Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality Policy

Etex Exteriors (UK) Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of fibre cement products in the United Kingdom.  The senior management of Etex Exteriors (UK) Ltd is fully committed to meeting customer requirements with regards to product and service quality whilst ensuring environmental impacts are always minimised and controlled.  The Health and Safety of all stake holders will remain as the main priority of the business.

Etex Exteriors (UK) Ltd will:

Have full compliance to all applicable laws, legislation, regulations, requirements and standards concerning the Environment, Health and Safety and Quality. 
Work to current sector guidance and best available techniques. 
Provide safe and healthy working conditions and provide the necessary welfare facilities for employees.
Develop operational controls and processes to continually improve our products and services and preventions of pollution, injury and ill health.
Ensure we have the necessary knowledge, resources and workforce skills to maximise our contribution to product and service quality, protecting the environment and people from harm.
Provide safe operating procedures and training for all employees to ensure they can work safely at all times. This will be supported using appropriate devices and equipment which will be identified through risk assessments (using the hierarchy of controls) and monitoring.
Apply the waste hierarchy to all waste streams to take positive action to eliminate, substitute, reduce, re-use or recycle waste generated by its activities. 
Incorporate sustainable materials in the manufacture of products.
Communicate our Policy to encourage suppliers, contractors, employees, customers and other interested parties to share in our aims to promote excellence in EHSQ management and performance.
Consider the needs and expectations of customers and other stakeholders.
Monitor employee health through routine assessments.
Regularly review our performance and set clear objectives to improve the EHSQ performance across our business. This will be aided by H&S and quality risk assessment, aspects and impacts assessments, risk and opportunities identification, audit results, monitoring reports and legislative changes.
Continually review and improve the EHSQ Management System to enhance our performance.
Regularly review the EHSQ Policy to ensure continued relevance and effectiveness.

To ensure continued improvement to the EHSQ performance, Etex Exteriors (UK)Ltd have committed, as a minimum to the following EHSQ Key Performance Indicators:

i) Strive to reduce energy usage (measured by the specific energy consumption)
ii) Strive to reduce emissions (measured by the CO2 emitted)
iii) Commit to reducing waste generated and where possible, divert waste sent to landfill 
iv) Zero lost time accidents and reportable environmental incidents
v) Reduction in complaints (for product and service)
vi) Commit to control, and where possible, remove asbestos containing material from site.

Etex Exteriors (UK) Ltd is aware that employees have legal duties and responsibilities to themselves and others to work safely. So therefore, will actively seek the involvement and 
commitment from all employees and workers representatives in safety related matters.

Etex Exteriors (UK)Ltd operates an EHSQ Management System that meets the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 / OHSAS 18001 as a minimum.

Although the responsibility for developing the policy rests with the Senior Management of Etex Exteriors (UK)Ltd, our success requires the continuing commitment and support of all stakeholders. For employees, this policy forms a condition of employment.

Jayne Arkell
Country Manager
November 2019